Understanding The 5 Different Sizes of Mattresses

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Understanding the 5 different sizes of mattresses
Understanding the 5 different sizes of mattresses

Every night, we lie down on our comfortable beds analysing how the day went and fall asleep, wake up next morning – repeat the cycle and go to sleep again. But have you ever measured how big your bed is?

Have you ever wondered what kind of bed other people sleep on? Are their beds too big or yours too small? Does king size life mean you have to sleep alone the king-sized bed? And why is queen sized bed called queen size?

Still curious? Let’s find out more about all sizes of matteresses.

  1. Crib

    I have never heard that before, what size is it?

    Well, that’s what everyone says until… they become a father or know someone close who becomes a father. A crib is the smallest size of the bed for infants and very young kids sizing 28-inches wide and 52-inches long. It’s covered from the sides with wooden sticks for the protection of the child inside.
  2. Single/Twin Size

    The most popular category of mattresses and the most bought as well, people are born alone and die alone so why share your bed with someone? The irony is the same bed is called twin size is several countries as they are often bought in pairs but deal with it.

    The standard size of a single size mattress is 38″ x 75″ and generally fits one person comfortably. There’s also Single/Twin XL just in case if you’re too tall or want to spread across a little more while sleeping.
  3. Double/Full Size

    As the name suggests, double-sized mattress fits in two people very comfortably if you think you can manage to get someone to sleep on your side, it would be troublesome, your snoring and drools vs their snoring, if it’s in the chorus and both of you are deep sleepers, the neighbours might be the ones suffering… but you get it.

    Sitting at 54″ x 75″, it’s pretty comfortable for two or would be a luxury for one spoilt person. The choice is yours! And in case if you think you roll way too much or there might be more than two people at some time, there’s Double XL size as well which adds a few more inches on both sides to add more comfort to your sleep.
  4. Queen Size

    A lot of people get confused between Queen and Single, thinking both of them are same. No! You are wrong. I mean they’re wrong! 😛

    It comes with a standard size at 60″ x 80″ which is almost the double of single and somewhat bigger than the double. For the ones who can’t afford or fit the king in the bed or the singles who are just getting spoilt with more and more luxury.
  5. King Size

    The name should be enough but yeah, this is the biggest size of mattresses you will find, as you understand from the name, it’s purely for the kings with a size of 76″ x 80″, it will fit anyone and everyone you want, up to five skinny people or three normal people or two heavy people. You buy it, you can do whatever you please with it.

While the sizes are important, don’t forget the width plays an important role in the comfort of the mattress so don’t compromise on the quality to get a bigger size.

We always think the best of our users so without any doubt, the final choice here would be the King-size mattress for maximum pleasure and comfort.

And while you’re living the king-sized life on the king like mattress, don’t forget to share this post with your friends to give them a glimpse of Sleep GK!

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