Top 7 iOS 14 Features You Must Know in 2020

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Top 7 iOS 14 Features You Must Know in 2020

We all have been using iPhones for years now and they have all looked the same with the iOS getting minor updates and nothing much to brag about, but behold, times are changing and the iOS 14 has got an-action packed features update for you to improve your iPhone’s performance.

  1. Picture in Picture Mode

    If you have recently switched from Android and miss watching videos outside the YouTube video while using other apps, you are in for a surprise. The new update allows you to do that and browse any media while you’re on the home screen or using other apps.
  2. Home-screen Widgets

    Woohoo! Finally, we can place the damn watch on the screen next to our apps, or a small to-do window or even the weather.

    Now you can add all the widgets directly on your home screen next to the pesky app icons which now take up all the space.
  3. App Drawer now in iOS

    Have you always been worried of so many apps taking over your home screen and no place to organize them the right way or hide them from home.

    Now, you’re sorted, with the new App library, you can organize your apps into categories, removes apps from home screen(without uninstalling them) and list all apps in alphabetical orders.
  4. Set ‘Gmail’ as default Email and ‘Chrome’ as browser

    Apple finally opens up customisations to choose your very own default browser and email open so you don’t have to open half your links in Safari by default, copying them to chrome later to open them better.

    Same goes for email, don’t just copy it anymore, click on the email and it will directly take you to Gmail rather than the in-built annoying email app.
  5. Approximate Location Support

    With the increasing rise and awareness regarding privacy, this is a new feature which prevents app from knowing your exact GPS location, rather Apple would give them a random approximate location so they can still show you personalised ads about your nearest grocery stores but some malicious app can’t bump into your door.
  6. Emoji Search

    When was the last time, you found the exact emoji you wanted in seconds, it always takes a few minutes and it gets very awkward when you have seen the message, the other person is online, waiting for your reply but you’re busy taking hours to find the best emoji.

    That wait ends here now with the new feature where you just type the word and emoji would pop-up as a suggestion.
  7. Minimised Siri Interface

    You will be glad to know that now Siri doesn’t take up the whole screen space and has been minimised to look little and cute with just its logo at the bottom of the screen.

    Though you still can’t use other apps while using it as it would then stop, but still makes it look much less clumsier and nicer.

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