Top 6 Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling and Meetings in 2020

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Top 6 Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling and Meetings in 2020
Top 6 Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling and Meetings in 2020

Is Zoom fatigue taking over you? Are you tired of using the same app again and again, the same screen and the same button while talking to your office colleagues, friends and even family?

Worry not, we have got you covered, today we are going to talk about Top 3 Zoom Alternatives for your office and 3 different video chat apps to talk to your friends too.

Let’s get started and find out the three best apps for office video meetings:

  1. Microsoft Teams

    Though not very popular but Microsoft builds a mind-blowing product this time with Teams, though a little expensive, it is available for free during the pandemic, it comes with a much fancier interface which is fun to use.

    Microsoft Team offers unlimited chat and searches with one-on-one and group calls option where every user gets personal file storage too. The whole team in total gets 10GB worth of storage for free.

  2. Google Hangouts

    I know, I know, you’re gonna call us out with ‘Google Meet’ but I personally like the hangouts interface more and since it’s not a first-generation product, there are a lot of cool features which work flawlessly without any issues.

    Google servers are behind the product so it’s seamless and superfast, works as expected and like always, it’s free to use too! (Limit of 10 users so make sure you don’t go overboard with this one)

  3. Cisco Webex

    Webex as a standalone app has been around for quite some time now since 1995 works as a great video-conferencing app for all devices. They did have their own limits of the free version though but now they have been expanded to 100 users cap and no 40-minute-limit on meetings even in the FREE version!

    And after being acquired by Cisco in 2007, things have only gotten better and they’re trying their best to let everyone this about their app, a lot of successful big businesses have already made the switch.

Now, those were for official video conferencing and meeting apps and now we’re bouncing towards the fun apps you can use personally for video-calling your friends:

  1. Houseparty

    Where do I even start on this one, it has got you covered from all angles, want to see your friends? Turn the video on.

    Got out of topics to talk about? They even got fun games to play such as heads up, trivia, and finish the song lyric, heck! There are quizzes too which you can play with each other and compete against yourself to make them even more fun.

  2. Discord

    The must-have of all gamers have made it to the list, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be a pro-gamer to user discord but you can simply download it and talk to your friends and switch on a game when you get bored, this gets really interesting to talk to your friends while playing the games which don’t offer voice/video chat support.

    Even playing Mario will feel more fun when your friend is trash-talking your gaming skills.

  3. Snapchat

    How is video calling any fun without those crazy filters? You want to have fun, Snapchat is a must-try. Just woke up? No problem, get a filter.

    Bad hair day? No problem, there’s a filter for that too.

    In the toilet? Well, you gotta figure your shit now.

    Being the giant it is, I have never faced any server issues and the filters just cross by like magic, probably the best I ever looked on a video chat, except the one time where I used a girl filter and suddenly my gender changed over-night and my friends had a good laugh.

Well, well, well, you get it! So, what’s the final choice or the final alternative? Two categories so we have two options – Microsoft Teams take the crown for best video conference apps and Houseparty leads the way for best video calling apps for friends in 2020. Cheers!

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