Top 5 Free Blogging Platforms in 2020

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Top 5 Blogging Platforms in 2020
Top 5 Blogging Platforms in 2020

We all get tired of writing diaries and finally plan to adapt to the new technology someday, and with so many options available, there’s no reason to miss them either.

Heads up, most of the other lists would say Wix is the best because that’s the only one paying them incentive to say so but to-keep-it-short, it’s NOT.

So, which one is it then? Let’s get started…

  1. Medium (FREE)

    This has to be the most popular blogging platform of 2020 for everyone who is just getting started out there and wants people to read the golden words they are writing. The best part of hosting on Medium is you can get started in less than 2 minutes, just register like you would on Gmail and start writing.

    Also, the articles you write are often mixed and shared on the homepage, newsletters and other peoples’ blogs so the visibility is pretty high from day one if you’re writing interesting stuff.

    But as we say no platform is perfect, so there are some cons like you can’t really customize anything on your blog or add pages or ad-banners or popups as it’s not your website but a simple blog on Medium itself. So, this might become a push-back if customisation is your priority.

    Regarding monetisation, you can still make money using Medium monetisation where you are paid per read/view instead of ads but the money is obviously much lesser than direct ads.

  2. Substack (FREE)

    Remembering all your favourite blogs and visiting them every day to check for new content is old-school honestly and ain’t no one got time for that.

    So, Substack makes it much simpler by bringing the blog to your email. Every visitor is asked to put in their email(optional) before reading and every new post is delivered to their inbox while getting published on the blog.

    The customisation is still kinda limited here but let’s say slightly better than Medium but lesser than other platforms. And regarding monetisation, you can also turn it a paid newsletter/blog where only members can read all the posts by paying $x per month subscriptions where Substack gets a 10% fee on every transaction.

  3. Ghost (Paid)

    None of the above options suit you well? Worry not, Ghost is like a mix of both above which is easy to use, allows better customisation and also the option to offer newsletter and charge subscriptions.

    But all of this comes at a price of $29/month with a limit of 1000 members but the good part is there no Ghost transaction fee apart from the monthly amount so the only thing you need to cover is the payment gateway fee.

  4. (FREE)

    And we’re back to the basics! WordPress, popularly known as WP has ruled the blogging platforms for more than a decade now and is loved by all the users.

    Simple to get started on without must hassle and lots of customisation options to offer minus the fanciness of the newer mentioned above platforms.

    If you believe in simplicity and old-school, this is the way to go.

  5. (FREE)

    Wait, what? WordPress twice? Is this an error? No, it isn’t. is a self-hosted blogging platform where you need to buy a domain and hosting separately and then install this on your hosting server. It’s a little tedious to do in the first go compared to others but offers the most customisation options since you’re on your own.

    You get access to the full code and can do anything you want with it, turn the website into a video platform/music streaming site/add big GIFs on top of every page and nobody would bat an eye.

    The cons are obviously, depending on how your hosting is, if you get too much traffic, it might stop loading for a while and since there are so many customisation options, you are also prone to hacks if you get too popular too soon.

    Consider this as an Android phone while all others are iPhones.

So, what should be the final choice? We prefer simplicity so for first-time bloggers, Medium wins the Final Choice award.

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