Top 4 Jio Service Offerings in 2020

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Top 4 Jio Service Offerings in 2020
Top 4 Jio Service Offerings in 2020

When it comes to India, a major player has taken over almost every sector. Be it the fashion to consumer goods to the internet, one company rules it all.

Well, you must have guessed it already, as the name in the title suggests, it’s Jio.

So, what different products does Jio offer? Let’s find out.

  1. Jio Fiber Internet/Gigafiber Internet

    It’s no surprise when Jio offered free unlimited 4G services, they were being offered by exclusive under-ground fiber lines setup and the limited towers they had established. So, when you own a dairy, you don’t just sell milk, butter and ghee goes in complimentary with the offerings.

    Similarly, to make the most of those underground lines, Jio started offering broadband Internet services which were obviously the fastest with different plans and speeds up to 1GBPS(gigabit per second). The same marketing strategy was applied and several consumers were offered 3 months trials for free and those guys became the ambassadors spreading the word in the market.
  2. Jio Mart

    When the pandemic hit, the entire world was shaken and unsure of what to do next. Necessities were a priority for survival and were in the highest demand. How could the fastest-growing company miss something like this?

    They had their own grocery and vegetable store set up in less than two weeks and they were starting to get sold out already within a few days of launch. Money was never an issue so the expansion didn’t take too long either and now Jio mart is already present in more than 200 cities across India.
  3. Jio Meet

    What’s the other thing that is booming in a pandemic? Work from home.

    If everyone’s stuck at home, how do we communicate? With the help of technology, duh. WhatsApp is the perfect choice for personal usage but what about the corporate?

    Well, Zoom is just too expensive for any small-scale company with limited funds, especially in such times and the nationalism in everyone was rising at this time so the perfect Video conferencing app made in India made headlines.

    And why wouldn’t it? The design was an exact replica of Zoom with exact same colours and features and it was free! People went mad and the publicity went well and helped in gaining a lot of first few million users.
  4. Jio Music/ JioSaavn

    People are stuck in their houses, they need sources of entertainment. What works best as a rescue mission? Music? Hell yeah.

    Though the deal happened a while back where Jio acquired Saavn and renamed it to JioSaavn, the lockdown was the perfect time to scale it up as people weren’t travelling, they couldn’t go out and needed as many sources of entertainment as possible and music just works well for everyone.

    So, the ad spent went high and so does the earnings from it. And now it’s become one of the most popular music streaming platforms in India.

Well, there are more like Jio Phones which everyone is familiar with, Jio Cloud and Jio TV and Jio News but they aren’t as popular and don’t seem to be going anywhere big at least in the next few months. But, the way Jio seems to be growing, it’s worth noting for any business enthusiast as their journey to the mountain peak looks smooth as butter!

It’s difficult to choose on in posts like these but our name says Final Choice, so if I had to choose my favourite Jio service, that would be obviously the Jio Fibre Internet as the speed it offers at the price they have is a great deal, this has created competition and now every company is offering better speeds at cheaper prices which is great for the country!

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