Top 3 Indian Alternatives to TikTok Video Sharing App

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Top 3 Indian Alternatives to TikTok Video Sharing App
Top 3 Indian Alternatives to TikTok Video Sharing App

Come on, let’s be honest, we all miss TikTok a little bit. Those cringe content which some of us really loved watching, enjoying or probably by sharing it with our friends and making fun of it. Either way, it was entertaining!

But now, it’s gone! And times have gotten boring but to get over it, Indian developers have been trying their luck after the ban of TikTok in India and building their own TikTok like video sharing apps.

Here are some of the most popular ones which you would love using,

  1. Chingari

    If there’s one app which has gotten the most momentum after the ban, it’s Chingari. Don’t go by the name, they gave gone from getting 20 downloads a day to 500,000 downloads a day. The traffic was so high that their servers crashed several times and they had to put in a lot of money in upgrading and hiring new people to improve the app and remove unnecessary features.

    Developed by Sumit Ghosh, an Indian IT Expert from Bhilai also says that he won’t be taking any Chinese investments and has already gotten a Venture Capital firm in touch that will be investing a few million dollars into the app. It would be exciting to see how this goes.
  2. Roposo

    India ka TV turned into Indian Short Video app has been trying hard to stay relevant and has upgraded several of its features to fill the gap created by TikTok, it did get a lot of visibility in the beginning but I believe they missed out the spot by a few margins and lots of competitors.

    They are still doing pretty good though with lots of filters and tons of influencers on the platform.
  3. Reels by Instagram

    Well, well, well. This should technically go first on the list but everyone knows about this already and some of us have started using it already too. But not featuring it would be unfair too so here it goes.

    The latest offering by Instagram is exactly as TikTok which can be accessed with one click and the search button in the footer menu has been replaced by Reels. A 15-second video platform inbuilt Instagram with plenty of filters and music options to choose from and create a fancy video.

Which one is our favourite? Honestly, we love the spirit of the first two apps but they are still buggy and would need some time to get ready for the battle until then Reels would be our final choice.

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