Top 10 Million Dollar Business Ideas in 2020

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Top 10 Million Dollar Business Ideas in 2020
Top 10 Million Dollar Business Ideas in 2020

Ideas, ideas and more ideas. The human brain can store thousands of terabytes of data but when someone asks you, Who are you? What’s your favourite colour? Which is your favourite movie?

It stops working and we often take minutes or a few seconds to process and rethink to answer those questions properly. Why does that happen? Why do the most basic things take the longest of time?

Because that’s how the world works, it’s difficult to work on real simple tasks than acting busy by trying to fix complex problems which you know would take forever and might still not get resolved.

That’s why we often forget working out(simple task), but are busy understanding the complex theory of what Professor’s move in the next season of Money Heist would be while watching it all over again from season 1(pretty complex and you will probably still not able to figure).

And that’s why at Final Choice, we are suggesting you top 10 Crazy SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) ideas that you can steal because they’re going to get really big in 2020.

  1. Seminars are gone, now is the time for Webinars

    Every class, lecture, workshop and meeting has happened over the Internet for the past few months, people have started spending upwards of 6-7 hours every day on online meeting platforms and selling courses and tickets to them.

    But, now if you want to sell a course, you need to build your owner website, contact someone for payment gateway, contact another software/company to get the software to host it, another person to manage the sales and respond to queries, another person to ensure you have done everything, another one to ensure the hired person does everything right, okay that’s a little too much but you get the point.

    We are in dire need of a one-in-all tool to sell tickets, collect payments, share emails with the digital event details and reminders when its about to start, collect customer emails, send them a brief summary after they’re done and so on.

    To do all that, right now, we need 5 different tools, one tool would make everyone’s life simpler and the founder’s life richer.
  2. Feeling Smarter with Artificial Intelligence

    AI is the new fancy term spoken around so often that some people have even made our toilets smart by bringing in the light right at the right time, playing music automatically when you step in, using the right kind of temperature water for the right purpose.

    So, basically, it’s everywhere from your garage to your washroom.

    Make the most of it, implement AI in your daily life in some way or the other which could be as simple as a tool which connects your security camera and home theatre/speaker and based on detected motion in the camera, it turns your loudspeaker into a loud emergency alarm which can be used to alert the neighbours or vacate the house if someone’s stuck inside and something goes wrong.
  3. Mobile Internet is booming!

    Gone are the days when people would wake up, take their laptops out/switch on their computers, now with the latest high-end smartphones, a major chunk of the Internet still prefer the phone.

    So, bringing innovation to this industry would be a great revolution! Turning apps and websites into mobile-friendly could be an idea, a tool to make non-compatible apps compatible with all kinds of phones would be awesome too! An app to divert all Internet speed of the phone into one app while playing intense games or watching videos at high res could be great too!
  4. Bring back the unity!

    With people working at different corners of the world from the comfort of their homes, they’re starting to feel alone and forgetting the names of their colleagues.

    Any app/tool which works well to help them play games together or have an e-coffee or anything of that sort should bring in the market boom!
  5. Filters for Video Calling

    How many times did you feel the camera is making you look ugly during a video call and diverting your attention from the topic of the meeting to your looks again and again.

    We all have been there, and its’ high time for someone to introduce Instagram like filters for the video calls so that we can maintain our focus and still manage to look good.
  6. Work from Home Accessories

    All the shopping addicts are tired of buying things they don’t need during the pandemic and need another portal where they could actually buy things which they will need and can use during the pandemic.

    It could be stuff which can be used at their houses directly, makes their lives simpler, work easier or probably something which makes them feel safe while going out.
  7. Let Imaginations Go Wild with a Post COVID Digital World!

    It’s getting annoying day by day with rising cases and only hoping what would happen later after this is all over.

    A virtual world where users are allowed to experience a ‘planned’ version of the life would be a great experiment to ty out! Basically like PubG, but much much simpler with lesser players and more work. People could be awarded for going out while wearing masks and doing the ‘leg shake’ with friends rather than the handshake. It could be a world where we play different games while getting bonus tasks added for maintaining social distancing and safety.
  8. Portal to Discover New Hobbies

    When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

    With not being able to go out, we need a list of new things to do within our houses which are fun and new to explore with people in the house or with friends over a video call or something which can be done individually by ourselves.

    We need alternatives for travelling, chilling out with friends at the club, watching movies in the cinemas, shopping in the mall, the opportunities are endless with people having so much time on their hands.
  9. Podcast with Conspiracies

    I know, I know everyone’s doing podcast these days but they’re not as interesting as they should be. Why is this pandemic happening? What is on the other side? Who’s controlling what happens?

    That would be some fun thoughts to hear and keep us entertained, I have enough motivation and knowledge and can’t listen to the same jargon again and again anymore.
  10. A Webcam company?

    Okay, maybe I stretched a little too much with this one but honestly, I have been looking for a good webcam for a few weeks now, either all of them are too crappy or don’t have good quality video/focus/enough Megapixels, and the few good ones are out of stock.

    A good webcam is a must-have for every person who’s working from home.

You know thinking of 10 original crazy ideas to do in pandemic isn’t difficult but choosing one yourself out of those is nerve-wrecking.

But as the rule says, the final choice has to be made and we’re going with the all-in-one portal for webinars to accept payments, promote, showcase and take feedback which would rule the digital world and has the potential to become a unicorn in a few months!

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