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Finally after understanding that you can’t take your DSLR everywhere and your phone is too expensive to attach on the helmet, you decide to buy an action camera in 2021.

But got confused with tens of options to choose from? Worry not, we have got you covered.

Do you need an action camera in India?

As the name suggests, if you’re into any kind of adventure/travel/action which comes with a lot of risk and is fast-moving where you can’t hold a phone or a camera to capture your shot, you need an action camera.

So, if you go to the swimming pool once a month and want to click selfies, you might not need it but if you’re going for bike riding every weekend and want to record every turns and drift, then it makes sense.

Which action camera should I buy in India?

Now, there are quite some options to choose from starting from three thousand rupees going up to fifty thousand rupees, for the sake of this post, we will start with the best rated action cameras to lowest rated.

  1. Go-Pro 9 Black

    No surprises here, Go Pro has left no stone unturned to produce one of the best action cameras out there in the market. It has everything you might need from the slow-mo footage to the front screen secondary display for selfies and vlogs to the best stabilization.

    Pros of Go Pro 9:
  • Ability to record 5K video upto 30 fps and 4K upto 60 fps which allows you to record the clearest and the crispiest videos which you can later even screen grab and turn into high end 21 Megapixel photos.
  • HyperSmooth 3.0, not a gimmick but truly the best feature of the camera which allows you to record the fastest moving objects in the smoothest way possible without shaking your footage even a bit.
  • Scheduled Capture – This allows you to set your camera for the sunrise in the balcony and shoot automatically in the morning while you’re still sleeping.

Cons of GoPro 9 India:

  • Expensive price – while some of the cameras start at Rs.3000, this comes at a slightly expensive range of around Rs.45,000 on Amazon and much more expensive at other places.
  • Battery Life – though they say they keep improving the battery life but with more features, more battery is drained and depending upon how you use it, you might need to charge it once before the day ends if you keep using it constantly for long hours.

2. Go-Pro 8 Black

Don’t worry, I am not going to rank all the GoPro versions in the list on the name of best action cameras, this is the second-ranked but the last GoPro camera we talk about.

Pros of GoPro 8:

  • With the launch of GoPro 9, the price of this beast drastically went down and it’s now available for around Rs.30,000 in the Indian markets.
  • With Hypersmooth 2.0 and Timewarp 2.0, you are still getting a great deal on the price without losing much of the features of the 9 except the slightly smaller battery though.
  • Cheaper accessories as it’s a previous-gen camera while the GoPro 9 accessories haven’t even launched in the market yet.

Cons of GoPro 8:

  • Slightly less bright screen and lack of front-display, it’s not a huge loss but might get a little complicated while you’re clicking selfies and vlogging.
  • Smaller battery compared to Go Pro 9 but enough to last if you use it carefully without keeping it on unnecessarily and planning your shots right.
  • Lack of 5K capture but honestly, there’s barely any difference your human eye can see between 5k and 4k capture.

Those are the two best Action Cameras in India for 2021 which you should definitely consider as you simply cannot go wrong with them.

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, there are some more options,

  1. DJI Osmo Action Camera
  2. SJCAM SJ4000
  3. GoPro Max Action Camera (for 360 degrees footage)

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