Fastest Growing 6 Business Ideas During The Pandemic

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5 Pandemic Business Ideas Which Are Still Growing
5 Pandemic Business Ideas Which Are Still Growing

The pandemic has taken the world by storm, the travellers can’t even step step out of their houses, the excited couples have delayed their marriage again(this time not because their parents didn’t agree), the kids can’t go to schools or meet their friends and the parents are mad because they have to take care of these kids the whole day now.

Basically, everyone, or lets say almost everyone has been affected by this except a few businesses which have been flourshing like never before and instead are growing the fastest amid the pandemic strike.

  1. Ed-Tech – Online Learning Industry

    Learning is a lifetime process which never stops, you are always learning, if you are in school or college, or at your first job, or trying out to a new hobby. And now since you can’t go out, learning has come to your home with the online platforms.

    And the massive layoffs just added more fuel to the fire, everyone wants to upskill themselves to stay relevant and add more bullets to their CV to get back a higher paying job.

    To meet this demand, there are courses are kindergarten school kids, language classes, computer programming sessions, marketing workshops, heck there’s a paid course on making pani-puri too (for those of you who don’t want what that is, it’s a famous roadside Indian snack sold for 50 cents a plate).
  2. Games have turned into an addiction!

    Forget alcohol and weed, you won’t get them easily any way. Now that people have too much time on their hands, they’re looking out for things to do and what better than a game of PUBG? Join me at GoGreen99 for a match!

    Jokes aside, the gaming industry has upped its game(if you know what I mean) and companies in the niche have raised several millions of dollars even after lockdown, all thanks to the high double digit growth rates which are rising everyday.

    From mobile games to PC games, everything is on a roll and there’s no looking back as researchers have noticed an average of three hour increase in everyone’s daily time spent on electronic devices.
  3. Health Industry *cough cough*

    Well, obviously, duh! It’s the pandemic. There’s a famous saying which goes by, people start digging a well when there house is on fire.

    And this is no different, we have suddenly realized that it’s a serious threat and we need to keep our health in check and our tests in place which has given boost to several health based and medicine delivery startups which are being used to take digital appointments and even tests in some cases.
  4. Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

    What series are you watching these days? Or should I ask which series you haven’t watched until now? Well, yes, you guessed that right.

    Streaming platforms became so popular in India that the network companies couldn’t handle the load and had to turn everything to 480p resolution default as if everyone was on HD, their sites would crash.

    Luckily, the so-called 4G still offers 3G speeds I was still on 240p and it didn’t affect me much but you get it. People are willing to pay heavy dollars to get entertained and if you have something worth showing, it’s time to start streaming!

    YouTube has seen a rise in the number of vloggers and streamers, and specially the cooking shows. From the gamers to philanthropists, everyone has atleast one video on cooking some dish which you probably don’t even like but you will still watch it anyway.
  5. The PJ Companies!

    Suits are old-school and not comfortable anyway! And Pyjama and Boxer brands are cashing on this fact so hard. People are barely stepping out but that doesn’t mean their shopping addictions have taken a step back.

    So, instead of being the fashionista they can be, they are sticking to ordering fancier PJs and boxers and everything else which keeps them comfortable and doesn’t make them look homeless, they will take two of that.
    (The video calls only show the top half anyway!)

Well, there are some more like the sanitizer kings, PPE suit manufacturers, WFH accessory makers and midnight munchie gods who are saving our day but the competition is stiff so you gotta be careful there!

What’s the final choice then? The easiest and the best way is to teach a skill you know the best and are confident that you know it the best to people who are in dire need of it so Ed-Tech – Learning Online would be the final choice.

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